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Goat's milk - the use and contraindications

elixir of life, that's sometimes referred to goat's milk.It's actually a wonderful drink, it a huge amount of nutrients, though it does not taste all their liking.The peculiar astringency spoils the impression about him. and some with great doubt apply to its usefulness.Therefore, in this article we will talk about goat's milk, its benefits and disadvantages.

Goat milk - Use

Let's start with the fact that many people have the milk from the cow causes an upset stomach.With goat's milk that does not happen for one reason, there is no alpha-1s-casein.But beta casein therein is very much (many times greater than in cows) and therefore it is so close in composition to human milk.And it's a big plus.

However, doctors do not rush to make a change, because goat's milk is not the enzyme lipase, and it is responsible for the breakdown of fats.In addition, the fat content of goat's milk itself is high enough for infants is not practical.Goat milk is also rich in cobalt, which is a component of vitamin B12.Th

at it normalizes and controls all metabolic processes, as well as actively participating in such an important process as the formation of blood.That is why it is recommended to anemic patients.

But milk is not only rich in this vitamin, it's kind of a vitamin source, which contains vitamins C, D, E, H, PP and the whole group B. So, if your diet is always present goat's milk, the benefits of it to yourthe body is huge, anyway, beriberi you certainly never will.

add that in goat milk are many trace elements such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, molybdenum, copper and so on.This nourishing liquid increases efficiency, excellent effect on the nervous and cardiovascular system, supports the thyroid gland, improves memory, strengthens the hair, teeth, nails and bones.

Cosmetologists also long noted that the consumption of goat's milk makes the skin supple and clean, improves color, fade pigmentation spots.And the fact that it contains albumin, choline, biotin, lecithin, and globulin.

usefulness of goat's milk - its medicinal properties

To advise doctors to drink goat's milk:

  • who suffers from heartburn.It simply reduces the acidity.
  • diabetics.
  • recommended to drink goat's milk with tuberculosis.
  • In diseases of the stomach, intestine and thyroid.
  • patients after chemotherapy.
  • Those who are poorly nourished and fed regularly.Especially doctors recommend it to those who constantly uses the fast food.Milk perfectly regulates digestive processes, in fact, is a prophylactic against gastritis and stomach ulcers.
  • This is a great drug for colds.To increase the effect of recovery in milk or honey are added, or a decoction of oatmeal.Especially good goat's milk helps to cough.
  • Poor sleep, then bedtime drink a glass of warm milk, and insomnia is gone.
  • And if you have a migraine or headaches, then mix the milk with white clay and make a compress on his head.Ten minutes, and pain recede.
  • for allergy sufferers is the most reliable means.Starting to drink goat's milk is necessary prior allergic reactions.Firstly, allergy and will not occur.Secondly, it is believed that this it ends.


use milk without loss, but doctors still warn that not all of it will be useful.For example, one thick blood, the milk should be diluted with water at a ratio of one to one.Who is at odds with the pancreas, that should also reduce the consumption of this product, because of its fat content of 4.4%.

way, to the question whether it is possible to recover from goat's milk?Unfortunately, it is possible, if you eat it regularly and in large quantities.Therefore, women and girls who have decided to take strict diet to lose weight, from goat's milk would have to be abandoned.Although it is not a high caloric, only 66.7 kcal (compared with low-fat cottage cheese - 86 kcal), it contains 67% of unsaturated fatty acids.And this is a serious barrier to cholesterol deposits.

So, we can conclude that one of the benefits of goat's milk.It can be given to children and pregnant women, especially after the winter, when the supreme beriberi and general fatigue from the cold.

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