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Diets and cabbage juice

Fresh cabbage juice of cabbage - a wonderful dietary product that nutritionists recommend to all those who decided to lose a few extra kilos three of its own weight. And the more it will be useful for people with a large overweight, but only under one condition - the patient should be no contraindications to its use.

What are the advantages of cabbage juice?

  • With it improves digestion.
  • improves metabolism.
  • removes toxins and waste products.
  • juice prevents the conversion of simple sugars into fats.
  • It connects and helps to remove already deposited on the walls of the intestine fats.

It turns out that if you regularly eat cabbage juice and cabbage itself, it is possible, firstly, to clean the body, and secondly, to lose a little weight.

Cabbage juice - Recipes

In principle, you can squeeze the juice from any kind of cabbage: cabbage, red, Peking, savoy.It is important to choose the right vegetable.He should be fresh, bright leaves with dense, he headed out to be resilient to the characterist

ic shape of its appearance.Note the color, no brown or black spots.If selected sprouts of cabbage or red, then give preference to that which has smaller leaves.If your choice has fallen on Beijing and Savoy, then choose a vegetable, in which the leaves have characteristic veins.

So, cabbage chosen.

  • Now rinse it well under running water, remove the upper leaves, which are slightly withered and lost their appearance.
  • Cut vegetables into small pieces so they can go into the mouth of the juicer.If you have this device is not available, then shred the cabbage to make it easier to squeeze out the juice.
  • You probably guessed that cooking cabbage juice is done by a juicer or manually through cheesecloth.

How to make cabbage juice diet

immediately draw your attention to one very important point.Store cabbage juice can not drink it immediately after pressing.Therefore, at each meal you have to wring out a new, fresh batch.

If you decide to start drinking cabbage juice for the first time, we recommend you first drink a quarter cup.Take a look and check how will behave your body.In some people, the first portion of a negative effect, starts to become swollen stomach, colic occur in the intestines.If the side effects you have not found, feel free to increase the portion of the reception.

However, the taste of this drink is not very good, so for those who are not afraid of spices, who wants to add a bit of sharpness, it may be advisable to add a little cayenne pepper, the juice can be mixed with chopped herbs, or use other seasonings.But it must be very small.

Asked how to drink cabbage juice, can be answered simply - no restrictions and conditions.That is, you can drink it at any time (before or after meals), you can replace them with food, for example, drink a glass in the afternoon.You can at a time to drink a glass or two, but it is only after consulting a doctor.Generally, abuse cabbage juice is not necessary.

only thing you pay attention to nutritionists, is the time during which you will have to drink cabbage juice.It all depends on how much you want to lose a kilo in the period of holding diet.Therefore, the period of use can vary from several days to several months.

The diet with the use of cabbage juice has its own rules.The best option - to drink at one time a quarter cup, but the number of methods may be different - from one to six.It is important to distribute the devices.

Thus, low-calorie cabbage juice is an excellent means to support themselves in good shape.As mentioned above, it is important to drink freshly squeezed.

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