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Nourishing Brazil nuts: use, harmful, useful tips on consumption

Brazil nut grows in South America, in the great tropical forests of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana, in the east of Bolivia, Colombia and Peru, so not every European knows what a Brazil nut.Huge fruit similar to the oval boxes with a diameter of 15 cm. one fruit weighs up to two kilograms, inside each box are always a multiple of (12 to 24) of grains having a thin but sturdy shell.Each tree grows to a height of 50 meters, diameter of the trunk often reaches two meters, a tree lives up to 500 years, it has plenty of fruits and gives a very rich harvest.

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Anyone who knows how to grow Brazil nuts, understands that it is impossible to artificial cultivation.Because of the pollination reproduction occurs only in places growing heap of trees and where the neighborhood "lives" Orchid «Coryanthes».

Its flowers exude a distinctive masculine fragrance that attracts only female wild bees.They help pollinate flowers and Brazil nut.Each year, collected all 20,000 tonnes

of fruit.Demand far exceeds supply.And all because of the described product has unique nutritional properties.

seventy percent nucleoli are composed of fat, two-thirds of this amount - unsaturated fats that help lower the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.In addition, Brazil nuts a lot of selenium - a substance that prevents the person from the occurrence of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.The fruit of the tree is valuable described by the fact that it has a lot of fiber, perfectly cleanses the stomach and the antioxidant flavonina performing protective and stabilizing function.

solid structure of the fetus is rich in minerals and vitamins.Scientists have found that other similar combination of all these components is no longer thought of nature, so an alternative Brazilian nuts are not.Today, they are helping to prevent cancer, enhance the stability of the anti-stress and even rejuvenate the body.

viscous, clear oil Brazil nut is used successfully by modern medicine and cosmetology for the treatment of acne, to heal cuts, wounds and severe burns.It produces a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, completely neutralizes free radicals, which means slows down the aging process.This product reduces the cell and tissue damage, heals ulcers, well-moisturizes the skin.Therefore, in its pure form it can be safely used for skin care and body to prepare hair masks.Doctors are advised to bring a vial and a massage parlor, then the skin will become soft and velvety.

But Brazil nuts should be consumed in moderation, 2-3 nuts daily.As much fat in it, then this product may be called a high-calorie.100 grams contains 650 calories.Doctors and nutritionists do not recommend to use it for people who are overweight, those who protects her figure.You can not eat the nut high blood pressure, allergies, those with individual intolerance of the product.

How has Brazil nuts?

you can use it in raw form.Taste and flavor is revealed especially when the grains hit the hot pan.Finely chopped nucleoli cooks added to salads and cold dishes, from that they only win since taking subtle nutty taste.Good nuts with sliced ​​fruit, if you like to combine the ingredients and pour them with honey, you get a very healthy dish.