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Ivan-tea: beneficial properties and contraindications

The medicinal properties of willow-herb in modern medicine Various properties of willow-herb used for centuries by people in the prevention and treatment of many diseases.Many centuries ago, this infusion is taken daily in the morning and was considered a kind of drink heroes, as much would add vitality and vigor.Recipes, how to cook willow-herb, and considered family secrets handed down.

Properties willow-herb

Ivan tea is a common plant that grows near roads, fields and along the lakes and rivers.Flowers plants can have all shades from pure white to sirenevato.

Ivan tea - plant of the family kipreyny, and yet it is called Koporskaya tea (Russian).So when people talk about the health properties of tea or Koporsky kipreyny tea, they mean the use in folk medicine, willow-herb.Feature willow-herb is the use of all its components (root willow-herb, stem, leaves and seeds).

Drinks grass willow-herb: the taste and benefits

of the useful herbs made juice, teas and infusions.All of them have useful properties of willow-herb.Photos tea box offers only one poss

ible.Fresh juice is perfect with loss of strength and depression, vitamin deficiency.

A green leaf or lotion with herbal help for burns, wounds and minor scratches.For such cases, come up and powder of the dried stem with kornёm.

The medicinal properties of willow-herb in modern medicine

Useful properties of willow-herb, due to the extensive content of various microelements and vitamin C and B, as follows:

  • Reception allows the drink to cheer up the body, to ensure its recovery and normalization of vitality.
  • plant has a mild but effective sedative effect that can qualitatively fight the effects of stress, headaches and depression.
  • fireweed tea is used as an additional tool for stress relief.
  • medicinal properties of willow-herb used in a variety of gastrointestinal abnormalities, diseases of the mouth.The properties of herbs rose-directed to the improvement of the gastric mucosa.
  • Ivan-tea has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.
  • antioxidant effect of willow-herb displays the free radicals from the body and purifies the body of toxins and harmful toxins.
  • decoction of willow-herb positive influence on the skin condition.Those present in the flowers and leaves of the plant nutrients to improve skin elasticity, promote the natural development of natural collagen and improve the contour of the face.

Application willow-herb medicine

Effective use of willow-herb in oncology.Due to the antioxidant effect of reducing the risk of cancer development.

presence of multiple micronutrients and improving blood supply to the body caused the application properties of willow-herb for weight loss.

Many people wonder whether it is possible to drink rose-like a regular tea or coffee?Wink if rose-healing properties when applied willow-herb periodically?

Treatment willow-tea should have a clear frequency and duration of treatment.Take tea with rose-use only, strictly following the instructions.

Useful properties of willow-herb for men designed to improve erectile function and enhance the potency.The healing properties of herbs willow-herb, in the opinion of men, do not act immediately, but systematically taking advantage still can get.

harm willow-herb

Ivan tea has both beneficial properties and contraindications.In the description of willow-herb, there are indications that it is impossible to drink to young children (under 6 years), in the position of women and lactation.

long-term use can turn benefit grass willow-herb in harm to the body, as may eventually have problems disruption of the stomach and intestines, as well as to reduce the effectiveness of the liver.Also, caution should be taken with a drink for people suffering from thrombosis and bleeding disorders.

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