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Amazing plant Fennel - the recipes and properties

Fennel fennel or known to people long ago.It was used for different purposes in ancient Rome.This plant is used in cooking as a spice, medicinal purposes, in cosmetics.And today this herb is used as a remedy. Who cares what it looks like fennel, dill can remember simple, it's almost the same appearance of the plant.

Currently Fennel is cultivated in different parts of the world, he was surprisingly unpretentious.And if we talk about the different types of grass, somewhere in the world there are only two kinds:

  • usual, it is also called pharmacy.
  • Italian.This type is mainly used in cooking, usually used a fleshy stem, very similar to a vegetable.

Useful properties of fennel and its composition

This plant contains a lot of different nutrients.But they are in different parts.For example, ascorbic acid, rutin, carotene and vitamins "B" and "E" are found mainly in the leaves of plants.But oil, proteins and sugars in the fruit (berries).It should be noted that fennel has a peculiar smell, it is beca

use it contains a large amount of ether anethole.

Speaking purely medicinal properties of fennel, I would like first of all to recall the many mothers of dill some water, which usually give babies as a carminative drug.So this is the vodichka made on fennel.This is the first.

second - in the fall and winter, when it begins to rage colds and flu, doctors recommend an hour to brew with fennel.This kind of cautionary procedure, which treats and tones the whole body.And it all is that in this plant you can find not only vitamins, but also flavonoids, which in turn is a powerful antioxidant.

Fennel: benefits and harms

Trying this plant to the taste, you will immediately feel a kind of urgency and a pleasant sweet flavor.It is these two criteria made fennel popular with chefs.

  • Usually leaves are used as an additive to salads and soups.
  • top of the grass used as a condiment when pickled vegetables.By the way, the Italians pickle plant in isolation from the whole.This is a great snack.
  • leaves are also drinking, brewing tea.
  • The ground fruit is used as a dressing for grilled meat, including making syrup for carbonated sugary drinks, alcohol and spend flavoring tea.
  • squeeze oil from the seeds, which is used in cooking and confectionery.As you can see, a lot of use of fennel seeds.

It should be noted that this plant is an excellent dietary product.So the seed contains only 345 calories, and the bulbs and even less - 31 kcal.Therefore, nutritionists have long noted it, and many of them use it in their diets.

But, like any plant product, from fennel there are contraindications.Firstly, it prohibits eating pregnant and nursing mothers and children under six years.Secondly, the oil which is squeezed from the seeds of the plant may not be used in food and epileptic patients hypertension.

Fennel - recipes

As mentioned above, the chefs all over the world use this herb for seasoning and additives of all kinds of dishes.So there's an interesting recipe that can be used as a tool for weight loss.This sauce.

  1. comminuted fennel, putting a few leaves aside.
  2. fry them in butter in a frying pan for about five minutes, no more.
  3. Poured a little broth and vermouth and add the chopped garlic and salt.
  4. All of this is brought to a boil and remove from heat.
  5. yolk can be mixed with cream, this mass is poured into the prepared dish.
  6. Put a pan on the fire again, you stir the contents until thick.
  7. remaining leaves finely chopped and added to the dish.They return the unforgettable aroma and taste of the fennel.

This sauce will blend in well with fish, meat or chicken.The only thing you pay attention to the cook, is the condition of the plant itself.It should be smooth and elastic.