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Pineapple - benefits and harms of exotic fruit

Pineapple is the birthplace of South America.Like many exotic items brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus.And if the potato and tobacco have taken root here quickly, then it turned finicky pineapple fruit.European climate it did not fit, but the aristocracy, tried it, did not want to abandon his permanent presence in the menu. So in those days, it was decided - this fruit is grown in African and Asian colonies.What was done.

Currently pineapple - is not just a piece of fruit, it is a means of losing weight.And when it became known that many women have realized that it is possible, using the fruit, not just throw a couple of some extra kilos, but also happy to eat this wonderful natural product.Its taste is very pleasant, besides pineapple quickly satisfies hunger, even in small quantities.

Use pineapple health

fruit itself consists of fibers of organic acids and a huge number of various vitamins (group "B", "A" and "PP") and minerals.This information is for those who are interested, what vitam

ins are in pineapple present.We would like to note also the presence of elements such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, iron, copper, magnesium and so on.It is actually a storehouse of healthy food is a source of nutrients.

must pay tribute to that healing properties of pineapple has long been known, and they use it.

  • should be noted that researchers have found it includes bromelain enzymatic complex which is a natural solvent.It was he actively breaks down everything that goes into the stomach along with the pineapple.
  • nutrients found in this fruit, reduce blood viscosity, and it is primarily dilutes it.Therefore, the pineapple has recommended to those who have a predisposition to thrombosis and thrombophlebitis.
  • With the help of dietitians help patients suffering from diseases of the kidneys and cardiovascular system.Pineapple is a tool that removes edemas.Therefore, such patients is recommended every day to eat fruit or floor drinking a glass of fresh juice.
  • It is a drug with which cleaned the blood vessels.Thus, cleans vascular walls from deposits.And it says that this healthy fruit prevents heart attacks and strokes.
  • It relieves pain in joints and muscles.Of course, if you use it constantly.It is very important for rheumatism and athletes who are engaged in heavy lifting.
  • Pineapple is even used in cosmetology.This is an excellent cleanser and disinfectant.After its application, the face is not greasy.

this exotic fruit can be praise forever.True, he was not without a little fly in the ointment.It should be noted that it has high acidity.This irritates the mucous membrane of the intestine and stomach.Therefore, the probability of ulcer disease is slightly increased.All the same can be said about the tooth enamel.What in this respect the doctor's advice?One recommendation - to have a sense of proportion in the consumption of this fruit.

weaker sex now interested in a completely different issue than pineapple useful for women?First and foremost, all under this question implies a diet and weight loss method, where this fruit is given special attention.Back to the enzyme bromelain, and to break down all of its properties.So nutritionists recommend today to organize once a month a purely "pineapple" day.That is, it is a kind of fasting day, where the basis of the diet will be a pineapple.Most importantly, the effect of such a day would be stunning.Firstly, there will cleansing the stomach and intestines.Secondly, for the day you can lose two to three kilograms.

Here's a he pineapple - benefits and harms are close even with him.

How to have fresh pineapple

Is it you, as you please.The main point is how to clean it.Many ways, but each follows a large amount of juice, which is a valuable product.Therefore, we offer the surest way.

  • cut the lower part so that the fruit could be placed vertically.
  • takes the hand of the leaves and cut the peel.In the remaining eyes do not pay attention.
  • way, these eyes lie on curved lines.It is for them you have to build-up on both sides make cuts at a slight angle so that the eyes were on the trapezoidal sections.They also removed.
  • Thereafter pineapple sliced ​​vertically into several parts.By the way, the leaves may be left for beauty.

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