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Oil pumpkin - a true health

Oil pumpkin - a true health

The benefits of pumpkin knows everything.In combination with the delicious taste is obtained, and at the same time a useful product, from which you can cook a lot of dishes.However, more benefits is the oil pumpkin.

pumpkin seed oil: the use and properties

To appreciate the broad scope of this tool, you need to see a list of substances that are part of it.This protein, and carotenoids, and zinc.Also, a lot of different acids, phospholipids, flavodidy and a vitamin complex.Thanks to this rich set and has a beneficial effect on the body, skin and hair.

pumpkin seed oil is actively used in cosmetic purposes.Even just rubbing it without any additives in the head, can be good to strengthen the hair.It is only necessary to hold a couple of hours and just rinse shampoo.A make-up with face better not shoot Shop tonics, and this tool.And if it add to the mask wraps, then getting rid of cellulite will go faster.

Oil pumpkin - a true health

healing properties of oil pumpkins appear in the fight against parasites, constipatio

n and obesity.It protects the liver, gallbladder, heals wounds, ulcers, reduces inflammation.This is a godsend for men - means increases the potency and improves the functioning of the prostate gland.

very effectively behaves pumpkin seed oil for constipation.It works gently and completely harmless.So it's best to drink it to those who are contraindicated strong laxatives - such as pregnant and nursing.Especially as a woman in this position often suffer from constipation problem.Thrice welcome just a teaspoon will help get rid of the problem.

In case you suffer from kidney stones, a regular intake of oil combined with lemon juice will help to dissolve them.In dermatology and lotions lubricate the affected places will help them heal faster.

Oil pumpkin - a true health

Pumpkin oil slimming

Many slimming - tablets, teas - not only can not bring the expected result, but also significantly impair health.Therefore it is better to choose only methods using natural ingredients.For this purpose, a means to make good in the morning, on an empty stomach, to cleansing the body is effectively and quickly went the extra weight.If before a meal to take the product does not come out, then wait for two hours after a meal and drink safely.It is better to use it for at least two weeks.During this period, the exchange process in the body to normal, all the toxins and waste products would be displayed, and excessive appetite returns to normal.Lose weight with pumpkin oil easier if you stick to this balanced diet.For those who do not want to drink it in its pure form, there are pumpkin seed oil capsules.All the properties of the product are the same, and to store and dispense it much more convenient.

Oil pumpkin - a true health

Pumpkin Seed Oil: recipes and receive

To get a quality product, and you can make your own pumpkin seed oil.Of course, the cleaning, which is exposed to the product in a production environment, will not be present, however, so you can save.It should be clear nasushit and seeds, add water and cook for about 7 minutes, then cool.Strain off the liquid, whip in a blender and squeeze through several layers of gauze.But if you do not have time for seeds or pumpkin oil extraction, it is possible to buy.

When using this tool for culinary purposes to remember one important rule: never expose it to heat treatment - or stew or roast it impossible.The best solution - to add to the finished dish.It is a tasty and healthy salad with pumpkin oil.Dishes with this component are very nutritious and at the same time dietichny.