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Thistle oil is effective in any form

Thistle oil is effective in any form

Milk Thistle - a frequent inhabitant of gardens and suburban areas.And many vacationers are not even aware that annoying grass with purple flowers, which still can not get to bring to the end - this is the most useful and very popular tool in medicine.The most common and effective is thistle oil.

Thistle oil: the use in cosmetics

The first thing for which he valued thistle oil, - the concentration of important vitamins for the human body - A, D, E, F. In addition to vitamins, there is also a rich set of trace elements and acids.The oil is prepared by treatment of seeds of plants.

Milk and butter, the use of which was originally limited to only cosmetology, used for skin care, body and head.It can be added in any cream or lotion, just enough of a few drops.On this basis one can prepare homemade mask and other cosmetics.Just mix it with any other essential oil - almond or peach.And to get rid of dry skin, do not even need any additional components - just wipe the skin and leave as such for 40 min

utes.Even dietary purposes it is an effective tool because of its vitamin complex that helps to strengthen muscle mass.Yes, it does not burn fat, as many believe, but normalizes metabolism and good displays bile, which affects the process of losing weight.

Thistle oil is effective in any form

Milk: indications for medical treatment

today extended active use of milk thistle oil not only in cosmetology and dermatology as a means of recovery and treatment of the skin, but also in other branches of medicine.It perfectly removes inflammation, heals wounds of varying degrees of injuries, including burns and ulcer.This is an excellent cleaner of the body to eliminate toxins in case of poisoning, as well as after chemotherapy.Ideal for the treatment of liver and gallbladder, as well as being an aid in diabetes, varicose veins, allergic reactions.Gynecology and gastrointestinal diseases are also included in the list of diseases that are treated by the tool.

Many, primarily concerned with the question: thistle - how to drink?Of course, it all depends on what you want to heal with it.Besides damage to the skin - wounds, burns - require external application method.In other cases, it should be taken after a consultation with a specialist, or starting with the lowest dose, to prevent deterioration or an allergic reaction.But there is a universal regimen that you can try: Take 1 teaspoon a half hour before meals three times a day for a month.You can fill salads or added to other foods.

Thistle oil is effective in any form

Thistle oil capsules: application

Not everyone who wants to be cured with the help of this tool can easily apply it inward in a liquid state.Therefore, for such cases, pharmacists produced milk thistle capsules.Do not worry about its ineffectiveness as such.Thistle oil capsules is not inferior canned version.If you are interested thistle oil capsules will be for you an efficient and enjoyable option.And about the way they are received, you can consult a doctor or refer to the instructions.

Thistle oil is effective in any form

Whatever method of treatment you choose milk thistle, the benefits of this plant will be uncontested.

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