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How to help cure birch buds

How to help cure birch buds?

Birch can rightly be considered a true national symbol.Birchwood, praised by poets, beckon with their beauty, tenderness.Each component of this tree carries a value and benefit - which is only a delicious and fragrant juice!Birch buds are of no less value.

Birch buds in folk medicine

Those who are closely interested in folk medicine and all kinds of herbs and fees, know that the most favorable period for the collection of medical equipment - early spring in the most active period of swelling, but beforeblooming.Cut elements are dried to longer and more whole preserved.It should only take into account that birch buds should be collected in ecologically clean regions, and not on the side of the road, otherwise all the useful properties will be blocked toxins, which is impregnated wood.In this case it is better to resort to the pharmacy option.

How to help cure birch buds?

This tool is very popular among herbalists.Many call it universal because birch buds, photos of which can be easily found on the Internet, have a mass

of useful properties and help in the treatment of diseases of different nature and severity.

However, like any other folk remedy, birch buds are a number of contraindications.This is mainly kidney and urinary tract, as well as pregnancy and allergic intolerance.Those who can be shown to use them - do it safely.For birch buds have a beneficial elements such as essential oil, bitter, ascorbic acid, tannins, and other equally important elements.This essential oil is highly valued in medicine - not only does it smell great, but also helps in the treatment of many diseases, including the reproductive system.And in cosmetics can be used even homemade butter, 3 tablespoons of the Gulf oil kidney olive tree and insisted for about a month.With this oil you can get rid of the dryness of the skin and prevent its aging.

How to help cure birch buds?

Birch buds: the therapeutic properties

It is no exaggeration that almost every branch of medicine can use this wonderful tool - need only look at a list of its properties.The beneficial properties of birch buds are aimed at pain relief, reduce inflammation, wound healing, disinfection, control of worms, bacteria and viruses.Through this means good moves phlegm, bile, urine cleared.Buds of birch useful properties are struggling with neurological disorders, relieve you of irritation, stress and weakness of the spring.And in cosmetics are a good method to repair damaged hair and prevent hair loss.

decoction and tincture of birch buds

easiest broth, which will help in the preventive and therapeutic purposes, require all kidney cup of boiling water.It is necessary to boil them for about 15 minutes, then strain.Especially good a broth with a shortage of vitamins, as well as weakened immunity due to viral infections.They can and gargle and drink at to better sweat.The broth helps to relieve swelling due to its diuretic properties.

How to help cure birch buds?

in if you are concerned about the nature of dermatological problems, good to take a bath, and in dental pain and inflammation - rinse your mouth.

Medicinal properties of birch buds well and reveal themselves through a variety of liqueurs.Alcohol has a wound-healing effect, and the oil is used in dermatology.

benefits of birch buds tested and proven by many generations, that this formulation is their health.

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