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Woodlouse and its properties.

Woodlouse and its properties

Woodlouse - is one of the most common weeds in the territory of the former Soviet Union.However, this status does not prevent this plant to be useful to the body and even help to cure certain human diseases.What is the use of grass woodlice known to modern scholars, and what is better to use this weed?

Woodlouse and its properties

name into plants, of course, not particularly appetizing.However, this fact does not disturb our ancestors to add this herb to your diet.

Woodlouse rich in chlorophyll, organic acids, vitamins and grows in almost every region.It is one of the first to grow after the winter, so is considered an ideal means of spring beriberi.Woodlouse in its composition has vitamins: A, C, E, and K. So, this indicator can be equated even specialized salads.

It should be noted that this plant is rich and various minerals.They are at least a little, but they are.Magnesium, potassium and iron - is considered the main components of the herbs that can significantly strengthen the immune sy

stem and blood vessels.

Woodlouse and its properties

How does the wood louse?

It should be noted that this plant is most gardeners know immediately, because it is often their main enemy.However, others recognize this grass is not so simple.

Weed rarely has a height more.His round, and branched stem, and the flowers are small and white.At the same time as the stem may lie, and erectile.However, it is almost always smooth.As the petals, this element in bipartite woodlice.

Another characteristic feature of the described herbs should be considered in the presence of her hair, arranged in a single longitudinal row.

In general, to get to know what it looks like, this plant will help in the introduction of any search engine the phrase "photo grass lice" and the subsequent transition to the tab "Images".

Woodlouse and its properties

Juice woodlice.Useful properties

juice is considered a plant - is an excellent antiseptic and diuretic, significantly strengthens the body in general and in times of colds in particular.In addition, it has an excellent antispasmodic and tonic effect, and also significantly helps with diseases of periodontal disease or infection of the gums.

salad woodlice

salad with the addition of the described ingredient - is usually the best way to reduce the level of bad cholesterol, as well as strengthening the blood vessels.They do it in most cases, with eggs, dill and sour cream.

Woodlouse grass.A decoction of this plant

decoction of lice - this is actually one of the best means to reduce the pressure.It is effective, primarily due to its diuretic properties, because the causes of hypertension he especially does not eliminate.

Woodlouse and its properties

Boil the broth is best with this herb, filled a glass of water.Cooking on the stove drug should last about 20 minutes.

Described like a weed and applied in the preparation of alcohol tinctures, but in fact in this case it may do more harm than bring some benefit.

harm plant lice

Like it or not, but the grass chickweed, the application of which is sometimes wrong, it may not only be useful to the plant.For example, the green juice lice can cause indigestion.It also can lead to the appearance of diarrhea, especially so experiment with it not worth it.

also need to pay attention to where the plant grew described.If the regions with poor environment, it means that its composition will be present a large proportion of heavy metals and a variety of toxins.In this case, pill bugs from the diet is better to exclude.

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