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Russia ranked fifth in the world for obesity

Russia ranked fifth in the world for obesity British economist of the Business School (Harvard) recently ranked the overall quality of life, following which it became clear that Russia occupies 80th place, and the fifth in the world in the number of overweight people.25 percent of the population of the Russian Federation have a problem with obesity.Everyone knows that the extra weight is not only a moral cause discomfort to the user, but also significantly increase the risk of serious diseases such as diabetes or stroke.

According to the WHO, over the past few decades the number of people with a diagnosis of "obesity" increased almost twice.The study also gave the Harvard economist to understand that all States having a high GDP and scientific and technical progress, as a rule, do not have an adequate level of health of the population.For example, Great Britain, as well as Russian, also has similar problems.

is worth noting that the leaders of the list of British economists are New Zealand, Switzerland and Iceland.These countries are consider

ed "beautiful place on earth."

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