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The Spaniards created a diet that includes wine and jamon

The Spaniards created a diet that includes wine and jamon expert on the problems of obesity and malnutrition Ruben Bravo recently presented its development: the doctor from the European Medical University has created a special diet, which is based - ham and red wine.According to the publication ABC, this diet diet can help people lose weight by 5-6 kg in a month.Of course, effective weight loss depends on the body mass index, and physical activity and training.Home "trick" diet is a variety of products that need to eat every day, including the already mentioned two products.

Bravo for a long time watching the patients, their eating habits and the level of food consumption.According to the doctor, red wine should be included in the diet, as it prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.If in small doses to make wine for the meal, it is also possible to normalize blood pressure.Hamon, in turn, helps to reduce cholesterol levels.

As mentioned above, the composition of the diet Ruben Bravo present a variety of products: fruit, meat, low-fat milk and c

heese, nuts.Women are encouraged to 150 ml glass of wine a day for men - twice.

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