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Scientists have identified a low-calorie diet of added value

Scientists have identified a low-calorie diet of added value interesting conclusion was made by scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) once held a series of observations and experiments on monkeys: it turns out, if you reduce the calorie content of your daily diet at least 10 percent, so you can significantlyextend your life!Experts from the United States for over a quarter century studied the behavior and food habits of monkeys and trying to establish a relationship of aging from the usual food.
Scientists now safely say that a diet that includes a low-calorie foods, helping to reduce the rate of aging, as well as to warn the human or animal body from premature death.Working with laboratory monkeys, the researchers excluded certain foods from their diet, leaving only low-calorie.In another group of primates (so-called "control") no restrictions on food intake was not.However, the rejection of high calories in the first group went clearly to the benefit of its members, as in the control group, the risk of disease and early death in the order

of increase.

Now, American scientists are interested in the development of specific drugs that mimic caloric reduction of products.What do you get out of this, further studies will show.

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