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Harmful calorie food makes a person complete and lazy ...

Harmful calorie food makes a person complete and lazy ... Scientists from the University of California claim that the regular consumption of fatty and sugary processed foods combined with excess weight a person will make him lazy and lacking vitality.The results of this study can be seen in the scientific journal "Psychology and behavior."During the next experiments on rodents, Californian experts divided them into two groups and each group assigned a particular diet.Half the rats were kept on two different diets, and then began to show interesting features in each of the groups.

In one group of rodents fed a raw diet, which included mainly fish meal and corn.The second group of rats treated daily using heat food high in fat and sugar.As a result, it became clear that those rodents that were eating unhealthy foods (second group), more often and longer rest than the first group.

CONCLUSION: The food in the diet of people (especially people losing weight) should be healthy and preferably untreated.