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Excess weight can contribute to a longer life

Excess weight can contribute to a longer life Researchers from Ohio State University, located in the United States, during the regular scientific observations and research have established that people with a small excess weight, live a little longer than others.Despite the fact that obesity in any event cause serious illness and premature death, and all the people who have a body mass index slightly overweight, can live an average of 15 years longer.The implication is that such people by 50 years there will be a slight deviation from the norm in weight.

American scientists explain this pattern so that people with little overweight usually do not experience stress about weight loss, and is not subjected to excessive load your body.However, if a person with age, more and more gaining extra weight, he is still in the "at risk."

Exactly 18 years, scientists have observed over the health of 10 thousand people, constantly monitoring their weight.It became clear that the area of ​​greatest risk are full of people who over the years have a greater inc

rease in weight loss.Slimming people, as well as mentioned above, live much longer.

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