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Protein helps to lose weight

Protein helps to lose weight known that the process of losing weight for the average person - is quite difficult and a long-term deal, but if you trust the latest research of the American scientists, the usual egg white is able to speed up getting rid of extra kilos during daily use it in the morning.Results of the study were recently presented at the first meeting of the Society for Obesity, which is held every year in the United States.

Scientists from Biofortis Clinical Research conducted a special experiment: inviting 35 women (age 18-55 years), they divided them into several groups.Representatives of each group had a different morning diet: one woman in the morning drinking only water, and in the second and third groups of women consume foods containing about 300 calories, but the difference was only in the amount of protein.

Breakfast the second group consisted of proteins with three grams of protein, while the diet of the third group of proteins in the protein composition was 10 times greater.Summary: Women in the third

group feel more satiated after the morning meal with minimum consumption of calories.The researchers recommend starting the morning with a breakfast rich in protein.

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