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What if much want to eat after six?

What if much want to eat after six? How to be a man, if after six or seven in the evening like a tightly bite, but the fight against excess weight is in the first place?Experts in the field of nutrition are advised to use two simple rules: eat a lot of food for lunch and the morning and evening for a walk in the fresh air!Everyone knows that the majority of dietary diets imply refusal to eat in the evening, but practice shows that not all of losing weight may prohibit the dinner itself, but still very tight.It is in such cases, nutritionists still "allowed" a light dinner.

However, what is meant by a light dinner?In no case should not eat high-calorie foods: scones, sandwiches and cakes.Instead, scientists are advised to eat anything from fruit: pears, kiwi, apple, or even some dried fruit.If your working day was stressful and you feel exhausted, but want a square meal, eat a fruit or, in his absence, just sip a little water.

Well, a few words about the evening walk.If a walk before going to sleep at least 1-2 hours, your metabolism

will accelerate, and the possible negative thoughts often lead to the desire to eat will disappear.

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