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The diet of a pregnant woman can adversely affect a child

The diet of a pregnant woman can adversely affect a child New research suggests that a diet of future mother has a significant impact on the health of her baby.In particular, it concerns the heart, blood vessels and brain activity.Experiments on laboratory rodents showed that when pregnant animals given fatty foods all the time, then their offspring will be a further violation of the circulation in the brain.Similarly, if we talk about the people in middle age in humans may develop Alzheimer's disease.

Blame is harmful amyloid protein in the brain that appears after constant use of fatty and sugary food.It is through the accumulation of so-called beta-amyloid, and develops in the future Alzheimer's disease.Despite the fact that the experiments were conducted only on rodents, scientists from the University of Southampton is still confident that it is already possible to draw conclusions about the diet of pregnant women.

next stage of research: the collection of data on all patients with Alzheimer's disease, and then also have to figure out how their mother

s diet influenced the development of the disease.

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