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Sleep problems in children contribute to obesity

Sleep problems in children contribute to obesity Became known the results of a new study by researchers at the London College, located in the eponymous university.The results indicate that those children under the age of three years who sleep little, tend to consume more food, and therefore, in the future there is the highest probability that the children will have problems with obesity and other related diseases.Earlier, British researchers examined the relationship between sleep and nutrition in children aged 3 to 12 years.But only now, scientists were able to establish a link between the intake of food and sleep.

In the scientific British magazine «International Journal of Obesity» says that children who sleep less than the put norm (less than 10 hours per day), usually eat more than others.The number of calories at the same time increases by 10 percent.Scientists believe that good sleep has a positive effect on body weight of young children.But while we can not say for sure about this.Perhaps, according to scientists, a short sleep disrupts th

e hormones that regulate appetite.In any case, parents now have to think about the amount of sleep their young children.

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