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Nutritionists have called 6 products to replace meat

Nutritionists have called 6 products to replace meat Specialists in nutrition have long considered misleading view that the meat can not be replaced by something else, because it supposedly contains complete proteins and vitamins that are not present in plant foods.In fact, the plant foods rich in all the essential micronutrients for humans and other useful substances.Speaking of plant products, meat substitutes, experts, first of all, called beans.They protein content is almost the same as in any meat.In addition to protein, legumes contain vitamins A, B, C, PP.However, it is worth considering the following.

Proteins legumes do not contain certain amino acids so important for the human body.Therefore, it is not recommended to constantly use beans and legumes, not alternating them with other protein meals, such as cereals.Another important product having in its composition protein - tofu.This type of curd produced from soy milk is a good substitute for conventional dairy products.

soy sauce.Replaces oil, spices and salt.If you have problems with obes

ity or you are allergic to animal proteins, the soy sauce is perfect as salads and other dishes.Also noted nutritionists favor of mushrooms, seeds and nuts.