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The properties of saffron.

The properties of saffron. unique spice with a mass of useful properties of not only adds sophistication dishes.The plant saffron are many other equally interesting possibilities of use.Where did it come from?Why is it useful properties of saffron, for which they used the ancient times?There are many things in the usual seasoning, as you never knew existed.Moreover, they will continue to appear more new discoveries.

Saffron why we need

Mankind uses saffron for more than 4000 years.Rock painting contains traces of paint on the basis of saffron.And the evidence of the use of saffron as a spice in their time, scientists have found in Mesopotamia.In the 10th century BCin Persia, saffron was used for the preparation of aromatic oils, Alexander with the help of soldiers treated the wounds of their fundamentals.

Saffron why there is even mentioned in the Old Testament (the region of incense, offerings, dyes).In the East, the Buddhist monks chose the saffron color tones for his clothing, and for the ancient Egyptians, he became

a symbol of high status and wealth.

Therapeutic properties of saffron first learned to use in Tibet, as well as the modern scholars believe, in general most of the diseases amenable to curative effects of this plant.Most often it is a variety of liqueurs for ingestion.

The properties of saffron.

Saffron - the uniqueness and value of the ancient

How to use saffron

If we talk about what is needed for saffron, it is first necessary to mention its medicinal properties:

  • excretion of radionuclides.
  • treatment of alcoholism.
  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system.
  • choleretic effect.
  • Improving brain activity.
  • of recovery and healing effect on the retina.
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • antihistamines and antispasmodic effect.
  • healing effect.

In the East, saffron was a list of aphrodisiacs, because it has a positive effect on the libido.Properties saffron beauticians successfully used as it is extremely beneficial for the skin, especially when it is dry.Cracks in the skin lubricated enough gruel of water and saffron, and it will become a velvety, smooth and delicate.

American scientists have recently discovered that when dealing with moderate depression, saffron can be as significant benefit that in the country and a popular medication.For the final confirmation of this fact, further experiments are conducted.

The use of saffron in cooking Saffron Seasoning

chefs around the world known as the "king of spices".This is facilitated in many ways its unique flavor, delicate aroma and ability to give dishes a beautiful golden hue.It is used both in powder and in general form.Often make saffron infusion (powder in warm water).

widely used in the confectionery industry in Europe and North America.In India, saffron is often added into all sorts of sweet dishes and desserts.On the basis of saffron tea has a Siddha, the so-called tea immortality.The recipe of this tea with saffron is as follows: 5 inflorescences of saffron, 6 peas black pepper, ginger '20 Mix and pour boiling water for half an hour.Ginger Pepper enhance the beneficial properties of saffron.This tea has a lot of valuable properties.

way to drink saffron reached its maximum usable concentration, it is required to insist at least 20 minutes, if the recipe indicated otherwise.Just adding saffron to the dish, do not get too zealous.In a lot of it will give a bitter taste.

Once you have learned how to use saffron, it must still learn to choose.Do not fakes tons of useful properties, and the market a lot of just under tinted saffron spice.To determine the authenticity of saffron is dipped in milk or warm water.If the liquid immediately changes color?it is not saffron.The real need seasoning about a quarter of an hour, in order to manifest the aroma and the liquid has acquired a deep gold color.

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