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Useful properties of geranium home

Many homes have this wonderful flower with a rich aroma and huge bright buds, but not everyone is aware of the huge amount of useful and medicinal properties it possesses.Geranium home leaves no one indifferent, giving everyone exactly what he needs: beauty, soothing fragrance, health benefits.Let us open all the secrets of this amazing African plant.

Forms room geranium

Colorful scattering flowers geranium

Total allocated two main types of room geranium:

  • Geranium scented, bright flavor of which we are all familiar, but that hardly produces inflorescences, but is more often used in folkmedicine.
  • Geranium Royal, which, unlike the fragrant, almost no smell, but the blooms large clusters of bright colors.

Scented geraniums can smell a rose, apple, lemon, mint, nutmeg and even orange.A royal geranium bloom almost all colors except yellow and blue, and even have ampelnye subspecies (suitable for hanging in the pot).Thanks to the efforts of breeders, colors may vary in shape, number of petals,

and even their appearance.They are common and terry, small and big.But even those types of geranium, which are absolutely not similar to their wild "ancestors" do not lose their beneficial and therapeutic properties available to them in abundance.

Useful properties of geranium

Once you bring home geraniums, the benefits of it become apparent.It has antiseptic properties, clean the air of harmful bacteria and reduces the risk of disease, especially in autumn and winter.But this is not the only advantage of this flower in the house.Geranium home has also aromatherapeutic properties.For example, her scent relaxes, calms the nerves and helps to sleep tight.People whose homes have this flower, less stressed, less nervous and more happy life.

is very important that the flower he remained healthy.If the leaves begin to hurt fungi, they need to be cut off and thrown away, healthy plant always bring more value and appreciate fresh look.

Useful properties of geranium home

room geranium:

medicinal properties Medicinal properties of geranium are widely known among the people.She:

  • cure a sore throat;
  • stop bleeding;
  • is a powerful anti-depressant;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • relieves muscle pain;
  • treats all kinds of inflammation;
  • beneficial effects on the skin and helps restore the skin after injury.

abundance of useful elements made geraniums in folk medicine almost irreplaceable.

geranium leaves, medicinal properties which can even display kidney stones, used for the preparation of infusions, teas, squeeze their juice, which can be how to drink and use for washing.Tincture of geranium is very good for colds, reduces inflammation in the throat, nose, ears, and even the chest.In addition, it is well to help relieve fatigue muscles.

Geranium home exerts its therapeutic properties in the form of compresses, oils, extracts, tinctures from the roots of tea from the flowers and stems.Essential oils are used to improve physical and mental activity, improve heart function and strengthen the blood vessels.

Despite the benefits, some people geraniums contraindicated:

  • pregnant women (it can cause miscarriage, adversely affect fetal development and the nervous system),
  • people with chronic diseases of the digestive system (may begin worsening, especially in the personal intolerancegeranium),
  • elderly people (due to lower blood pressure and sedation).

Any treatment is always best to discuss with your doctor, and type of treatment (liqueur, juice, butter, tea) and the dosage should be adjusted individually to the healing properties of geranium not turned harm.

Geranium home - a bright flower, and physician assistant.Let it brings you only joy.