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Scientists: probiotics help to reduce weight

latest scientific study by researchers from the UK has once again proved that probiotics can reduce the amount of leptin in the body and remove excess weight.It is known that leptin is a hormone that helps control appetite.The action of probiotics is that they reduce leptin levels by reducing the number of bacteria in the gut are responsible for obesity.

Probiotic is a living organism, which is similar to intestinal bacteria.But unlike the "bad" microorganisms leading to obesity, probiotics, in contrast, operate positive features: a large number suppression of harmful bacteria and strengthening the immune system.Due

probiotics change for the better the permeability of the walls of the intestine, which greatly reduces the risk of any diseases associated with weight (obesity, diabetes).Also, these compounds are useful for children.The authors recommend that research start taking probiotics with small doses, increasing over time to a certain standard.Always consult your doctor before use.