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Find the "main" obesity gene

team of scientists from Spain, the US and Canada has identified a new gene, which, apparently, can be the main cause of obesity in humans.Name of the gene - IRX3.According to the researchers, the gene is a regulator of the size of the layer of fat.Previously, 7 years ago, it was found that the FTO gene may be a major gene for obesity.Now, however, scientists believe that much more progress in terms of scientific research and a better understanding of the mechanisms of the appearance of excess weight.

Marcelo Nobrega, one of the main authors of the study said: "Now we know that the gene IRX3 regulates body weight and has a direct impact on her.Furthermore, the gene may affect the FTO gene ».In 2007, scientists were confident that FTO is a major cause of obesity, now well established that it is always preceded by IRX3.Experiments on mice have shown that when the gene damage IRX3, rodents weight becomes much less.

However, details have not yet managed to find out what other processes involved in the g

ene.Scientists hope that a detailed study IRX3 will create a drug that can beat diabetes and obesity.

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