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Scientists have proved that honey does not lead to obesity

All those wishing to get rid of the extra kilos, scientists are advised to stop using sugar substitutes, and instead eat honey every day.This is, perhaps, the only sweetener that does not lead to obesity.This is evidenced by new clinical studies.In 2008, the first held "honey" experiments on rodents: lab rats experts were divided into several groups, one of which the rats ate the honey.Two other rodents ate sugar and its substitutes.The result showed that if you eat honey, will not gain weight, as it usually happens in the use of sugar.

Three years later, the researchers decided to compare the results, after weighing the rats in each group.The results are impressive: those rodents that "comply" honey diet, weighed almost 15% less than other groups.When the layer of subcutaneous fat in rats also decreased.Initially, the researchers could not explain why honey has such an effect on animals, because bee calorie product is much more than sugar.

So far, scientists have put forward the theory that the

whole point of useful substances honey: vitamins and minerals.

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