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Sweeteners are harmful to health and increase weight

Today, nobody will be surprised by various sweeteners.Various sweeteners like saccharin, aspartame or sucralose created using amino acids and various chemicals.Despite the fact that the market for sugar substitutes present for over forty years, and had not considered harmful to the body, now more and more scientists identified the harmful properties of these products.In addition, consumers themselves have confidence in the sweetener diminished in recent years.

sweets and drinks manufacturers are already well aware of this and try to find a decent alternative to sugar and its substitutes.However, it is known that many artificial sweeteners significantly impair a person's ability to control the reception of high-calorie food, with the result that often leads to excess weight.

Svizers professor from Purdue University (USA) tells about the dangers of sugar substitutes "During reception of sugar or honey brain signals the release of insulin, as well as preparing for the fact that the body will arrive ca

lories.This is a natural process.When a person uses artificial substitutes sweet, the brain does not get the calories, which means the hormone insulin will not process them.A problem occurs in the body.Man as a result of eating more than usual. "

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