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Grapefruit for the benefit of your body

Grapefruit for the benefit of your body

Everyone knows that fruits are indispensable to our body, they must be present in the daily diet.There are also many fruit diets that help to lose weight without harm to the health of the body, while improving health.

Let's see how useful one of citrus - grapefruit.

It is a hybrid of pomelo and orange.Thanks to the glycoside naringin has a bitter taste.

This fruit helps lower blood pressure, normalize blood cholesterol levels, as well as enriching the body with vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B3, C and others. It lowers blood sugar, improves the immune system and helps to restore the liver.

Grapefruit for the benefit of your body

How to eat grapefruit

Usually, it is eaten raw, but you can prepare jams, make candied, used in the preparation of various dishes and confectionery.But there is a contraindication to its use, in particular for diseases of the stomach and reduced pressure.The juice from the fruit drink is also better in a pure form, and diluted with water and drinking for a month (not more).

next question is how to eat grapefr

uit, is more concerned with etiquette.

Serve it cut into two pieces, and the skin is not cleaned.The flesh is cut special or teaspoon.There is another small rule, as is spoon grapefruit, grapefruit when separated into two parts, and the flesh is separated with a knife.On the table is served only flesh, eaten tea or dessert spoon.To give a sweet taste you can sprinkle it with sugar.

Now that we've figured out how to eat the fruit of the grapefruit, move on to the no less important: the use of grapefruit for weight loss.

basic quality - it is accelerating the metabolism, which is why it is often used for weight loss.But, nevertheless, do not forget about sports and balanced diet.On average, a grapefruit contains 100 kcal.For best results, eat daily half of the fruit before every meal.Many wonder how many calories are burned grapefruit.The answer is simple: by itself it does not burn calories, but only helps to feel some saturation and reduce appetite.In addition, you must fully observe all nutrition and physical activity.

Grapefruit for the benefit of your body

Grapefruit essential oil slimming

For massage you can prepare a special anti-cellulite mixture of vegetable oil and grapefruit essential oil in a ratio of 1 to 10. You can make wraps by mixing 0.5 cups of milk with 4 drops of grapefruit and a glass of blue clay.A mixture of 4 drops of grapefruit and a glass of milk is perfect for adding in a bath.

Grapefruit for the benefit of your body

When to eat grapefruit

If it is consumed during breakfast, it will help energize the whole day, improve memory and raise the overall tone of the body.Especially useful this fruit in the winter and early spring, against a background of total exhaustion and beriberi.When used after a meal aids digestion, and to - increases appetite.So here you can decide for yourself what you, in this case more is needed.However, in the presence of allergy to citrus fruits will have to abandon this fruit.

He also suitable to replace dinner with something lighter and less caloric.Here there is a psychological substitution: people like to attempt, but not filled at the same time your body fat before going to bed.This method is good for dieters.

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