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The useful olive oil

The useful olive oil

women of all ages want to look attractive.There are many ways to maintain the beauty, from the decorative cosmetics and natural ending, which include olive oil.

First let's find out what makes olive oil.

is made from the fruit of the tree of the southern - olives.The most prized cold pressed, as opposed to refined, has lost many of its beneficial properties.So if there is a question: how olive oil is better, feel free to choose cold-pressed.Use it for cooking various dishes, as well as in cosmetics.

The useful olive oil

How to make olive oil

First, collect the olives.Then they pulverized into a homogeneous mass using a special apparatus.Thereafter it is compressed to a liquid before it is cleaned of solid particles.The next stage of the mixture should stand for 30 days and then filtered from the remnants of cake and poured into containers.Keep her best in a dark room in glass bottles.

It should be noted that olive oil contains large amounts of vitamin E, rich in antioxidants, helps fight cholesterol.Good oli

ve oil diet.Firstly, it normalizes metabolism.Second, not deposited in the form of fat, but also helps to quickly feel satiety when added to food.

those who are dieting, it is recommended every morning to take the olive oil on an empty stomach half an hour before a meal.But keep in mind - it does not act alone, and in a complex with the right diet and sports.The benefits of olive oil on an empty stomach is not just about weight loss, but also pressure drops, the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, increasing the immune resistance of the organism.Just be careful, because along with all the beneficial properties it can adversely affect the operation of the liver.

The useful olive oil

olive oil in the morning on an empty stomach helps to improve the condition of the teeth, mouth.For this purpose it is necessary to rinse the oral cavity for about 10 minutes.

olive oil in the morning helps to stock up on vitamins for the day, increases the body's resistance to infections.The body in the morning is best absorbed medicinal substances, so it is the best time to consume food rich in vitamins.

The useful olive oil

Olive oil: application

Besides ingestion, it can be used as a cosmetic.For example, mixing olive ether with a few drops, can be prepared massage oil.They can be cleaned with dry skin or make a mask with the addition to the pulp of any fruit or mixed with cottage cheese and egg yolk.Very often, it is added to the manufacturers of cosmetic products.

It is also used to improve the condition of hair.It can be applied in pure form on the tips of curls or rubbed into the scalp.This procedure promotes growth, reduces the brittleness and dryness, improves the general condition.For best results, a mask is desirable to leave for a couple of hours.

Olive oil has many beneficial properties and is irreplaceable in the house each family.In addition, it is used as a therapeutic drug.Thus, it can drip ears in pain, it is used in a cold, it prevents stroke, improves bowel.

The useful olive oil