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Bergamot: Connect utility and taste

Bergamot: Connect utility and taste

Tea with bergamot - a frequent phenomenon.His release many manufacturers.The aroma of this drink is not difficult to learn.But, being a fan of the bright taste, many of us do not know what kind of fruit, where he came from and what the properties of a bear.

Bergamot: a bit of useful

As it turns out, among the many families of the flora, there is one - the family of rue, which is many and is a favorite plant.If you look at his picture, you can see the familiar lemon or lime.Many are inclined to believe that this type of artificially derived.Bergamot and called princely pear, treating Turkish name.Those who are inclined to associate its history with Italy, give it a name Bergamo orange.

Initially Bergamo orange has been actively used in the composition of perfumes.Thus, this plant is characterized by a high content of oily substances.In appearance it is quite a tall tree that is beautiful and fragrant blooms and gives fruit in late autumn.It can grow even at home, is equivalent to orange or lemon


It is said that this plant is very popular and useful in medicine.This is a great antiseptic, effectively struggling with various kinds of infections.In general, there are two areas of application of the plant: the tea bergamot and essential oil of bergamot.

Bergamot: Connect utility and taste

Tea with bergamot: useful properties

In addition, a drink that is pleasant to the taste, it is also very useful.It is characterized by a tonic effect, enhances immunity and has beneficial effects on the treatment of colds and other viral infections.

well to take tea with natural bergamot in case of problems with the intestines and digestive tract - it has a soothing effect, and improves digestion.Even dermatological disadvantages in the form of skin pigmentation, enlarged pores can be removed by consuming this delicious drink.And it's nice after a long and tiring day to drink flavored tea leaves and thus relieve fatigue and tension.You can even be creative - the flight of the imagination is stronger.

If you want to drink tea with bergamot, whose properties will be more effective, but the flavor - stronger rather than the packaged product to the usual green or black tea leaves, add a few drops of essential oil.I look forward to a wonderful and rich taste.

Bergamot: Connect utility and taste

bergamot essential oil: properties

This plant is so saturated with oil and that getting them does not cause any difficulty.Sometimes it is only slightly push the peel to see the transparent emerald liquid.As already mentioned, this plant is the first time found its application in the manufacture of perfumes in combination with other natural flavors to create a unique bouquet, presenting cheerful and uplifting.

to cheer up in the morning, you can bathe in the shower, having washed gel, which is present in the composition of the components of the plant.Massage body parts (head and abdomen) with a few drops of an oil can help reduce or even eliminate pain.It also possesses antipyretic activity (used in the form of compresses), and the anti-inflammatory and anti-virus.Good use of it and to increase potency and for the treatment of urogenital.

Bergamot: Connect utility and taste

Bergamot oil, the properties of which are known not only medicine, but also cosmetics, are used extensively in this area.Basically, it normalizes the sebaceous glands, rash liquidated.Those who like bergamot, its oil, the properties of the plants studied and actively used it in my life.

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