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Scientists urge to exclude from the diet of ham and sausage

In the new study, researchers from Harvard University (USA), was attended by over 0.5 million people for about 13 years, and its results, it became clear that consuming food prepared from processed meat, it is life-threatening.The risk of death increased by 44 per cent in almost every person who frequently eat meat products like sausages, sausages or salami.If we talk about the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, it increases to 72% and from cancer - up to 11%.

Remarkably, it is mostly about the products processed pork rather than beef or mutton.The risk of death also increased "due to" increased content of salt and preservatives in these products."We have studied different types of red meat and how to prepare.So, sausage, bacon, sausages and similar meat products contain a large amount of salt and preservatives, which is already harmful to the human body, "- says one of the scientists at Harvard University.

researchers recommend daily diet exclude meat products from processed meat.