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Scientists have told us what diet good for the heart

Based on the new research in the field of nutrition scientists from the University of Arizona (USA) concluded that the best therapeutic diets are those that involve the use of whole fruits, nuts, vegetables, and fish and seafood.The diet of these products will help reduce the risk of heart disease and blood vessels.The researchers explain that if you stick to a diet diet, aimed only at reducing fat, it does not guarantee full protection against cardiovascular disease.

Indeed, low-fat foods from the diet helps to reduce weight and reduce blood cholesterol levels, but the risk of dying from heart disease is not reduced.The study authors found that it is whole foods help reduce the risk of death from heart attacks and heart disease.Earlier in the '60s,' 70s and '80s, scientists, nutritionists believed that diet, lowering cholesterol, can protect a person from serious heart disease, but this is not true.

One of the best diets for heart - Mediterranean.This diet is usually no animal products and saturat

ed fats, unsaturated fats include but that are present in olive oil and nuts.The Mediterranean diet is also rich in fish, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

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