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Ominously obesity can only be lonely

addition to the notorious problem of obesity there is at least one of at least a serious threat to humanity - loneliness.That is the conclusion recently reached US experts after summing up the unusual experiment.This study lasted for more than 20 years, took part in the experiment 2,000 people, aged 50-60 years.Twenty-odd years, experts have observed for participants, collecting data about their lifestyle, diet, and taking into account, and indicators such as the level of social activity.

Results of long-term observations are as follows: people who dwells alone for a long time, had a greater predisposition to depression, phobias, cardiovascular disease, and increased stress.Remarkably, participants with excess weight, diabetes, but it is living with relatives or second half, much healthier than single people, even if they do not have a weight problem.

Scientists from the US advise all people as much as possible to communicate with each other, try to make new friends and keep the old ones.People wit

h the problem of excess weight is also useful to communicate with each other, to get rid of obesity.

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