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Obesity in the US has become unthinkable epidemic

Contrary to what fashion proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in the United States has long been common among people of all age groups, however, still only children up to 5 years - the only category where the number began to decrease significantly obese.Many American scientists and nutritionists began to sound the alarm about the huge scale of the obesity epidemic in the country.If you view the statistics for the last 7-8 years, it turns out that almost 30% of adults and 17% of children are overweight.

authors from the Center for Health Research (Maryland) recognized that since 2003, as a whole, no significant improvements - obesity problem is still acute.The only age group where there were positive changes - children aged 2-5 years.Scientists now can not explain why the rate of obesity has decreased in this group of people, but that it fell by 43% compared to 2003-2004 - fact.

Some states have already introduced country specific programs in which children can form healthy eating habits.

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