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Working in the office threatens to obesity

on the weight of any person pretty much always affects his lifestyle and eating habits.According to the results of a recent study by Indian scientists found out that recycling in the office can lead to a set of excess weight.The book "Times of India" published the results of scientific works, which show that, working in the office, people usually consume high-calorie foods during lunch and breaks, so a normal diet.

Company Fruyo conducted a social survey of office workers.As a result, it became clear that each of them during lunch or eats bad food.A third of workers prefer to eat a cookie, another third - chips, the rest of "indulge" in chocolate.Some people working in the office, trying to hide their addiction to food, even in the closed toilet stall to eat high-calorie foods.

scientists believe the problem arose not because of hunger - the thing is ... doing nothing!The head and hands need a "work", and therefore there is an unhealthy addiction to food.Oily and sweet foods gives a temporary sen

se of relaxation and joy.Remarkably, among office workers and health snacks uncommon in the workplace.