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Russian students are at risk of obesity

About 50 percent of children of school and pre-school age in Russia are overweight.Experts from the WHO came to the conclusion that the problem is rapidly gaining momentum, and if you do not begin to deal with it now, in a few years childhood obesity would be the norm for the Russians.What are the main causes of weight gain among Russian children?They are exactly the same as that of children in other countries: children are mostly sedentary, do not engage in physical exercise and often consume fast foods.

situation is aggravated by the fact that in Russia, unlike the West, the problem is not solved by anybody - it is simply ignored.No specific organizations conducting propaganda rejection of fast food, or they do not work at the proper level.Doctors and nutritionists have recognized that the country has created a semblance of promoting a healthy lifestyle, but it does not solve the problems of proper nutrition.Today Russia is in 19th place in the ranking of the "fat" of the world.

Also, according to WHO, Russia - one of the countries that consume large amounts of dairy fat and a relatively small amount of fruits and vegetables.Experts of the company "The Truth about Food 'has made an official letter to the Government of the Russian Federation with the aim to draw attention to the issue of healthy nutrition in the country.

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