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Scientists have identified the main enemy of any diet

Scientists from the British research center have established the reason why many people are not able to comply with dietary rations for a long time.Just a scientific experiment scientists attended by some 80 Britons.Each of the volunteers adhere to certain diets.All participants in the experiment had its own blog in which they write daily about their intentions to continue dieting or reject these.Also on volunteers required that each explained the reason for the refusal of the diet, if the person decides to go to a normal diet.

Results of the study are as follows: it turns out, a man sitting on a diet, on average thinks 10-12 times a week about how to abandon it.In most cases, thoughts arise when a person is hungry or ... uses any kind of alcohol.Tellingly, alcohol many times reinforce the desire to abandon the diet.

However, it should take into account the benefit of certain alcoholic beverages.For example, if you drink 2 glasses of red wine a day, you can get one-fifth of the daily diet.