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Scientists named the figure one of the most toxic products

Two years ago, the company «Consumer Reports» start to test various foods for the presence of hazardous substances.In particular, researchers have investigated the company for food arsenic and other substances.The results of the research shocked many rice, considered one of the main mineral products, in fact, it represents a danger to human health.

First, such a statement may seem absurd, because all over the world use it as a useful product.Yes, undoubtedly, in itself rice - a very valuable and necessary for human food.Hurt also bring pesticides and fertilizers, which are used for its cultivation.Therefore, in the rice it accumulates a huge amount of toxins, including arsenic and (organic and inorganic).

In addition, researchers from the «Consumer Reports» checked the content of toxins in brown rice - it turned out they, even more than in the ordinary white rice.Scientists recommend eating rice is not more than once a week, and pregnant and lactating women need to be extremely careful with the foo

d of rice.

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