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Protein diet is dangerous for humans

American scientists (Southern California) conducted a survey of several thousand people aged 50-80 years, and concluded that the use of protein products leads to poor health.On the contrary, if we give up meat, milk and other dairy products, you can extend your life."We carried out experiments on mice and analyzed the medical records of the data of our citizens, and now we have all the evidence that animal protein a person brings as much harm as and smoking," - said Valter Longo of the University of Southern California.

Longo and his group of scientists examined data from more than 6,800 elderly people.It became clear that people who consume large amounts of animal protein (meat, milk), much higher than the risk of dying from diabetes, cancer or diseases of the heart and blood vessels.It was found out and that the vegetable protein is less harmful as compared with animals.

group of Australian scientists from Sydney to his recent study also demonstrated that the protein diet, although that helps to

reduce your appetite and lose weight, is harmful to human health, because "thanks" to her developing endocrine diseases and heart disease.

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