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Shrimp: the benefits and harms of this product

Shrimp: the benefits and harms of this product

Not long ago, the shrimp were considered at one of the tables of local delicacies.Now, you can buy them in almost any supermarket.These animals have become so popular that some are not without their diet.For some, this product is considered to be the ideal snack to beer, for others - one of the essential components of a low-calorie diet.And someone just loves dishes with shrimp in the lineup, enjoying the taste of these cancers.At the same time about the benefits and dangers of shrimp known not for everyone.Well, let's try to shed more light on this issue.

Shrimp: benefits and harms

Shrimp - is, above all, marine animals.Accordingly, this product contains a large amount of protein and iodine.Thus, those who use these cancers, looks younger than their peers.In addition, zinc and selenium shrimp favorably affect the health of hair and nails, as well as significantly speed up the metabolism.They perfectly satisfy hunger, but do not add extra calories.That is why this product is so popular among wom

en stick to the diet.

Speaking of shrimp (benefits and harms of the product, to be exact), not to mention a storehouse of vitamins, which is located in their structure.Here there are, for example, all the vitamins Groups B, and A, E, D and C. That is, the benefits of shrimp is also provided in the Protection of the blood vessels, strengthens the immune system and improves vision.

As for minerals, then they prawns (use the harm that is actually not comparable), is also not deprived.Potassium, calcium, magnesium, fluoride, iron, chromium, phosphorus, as well as the aforementioned zinc, selenium and iodine give our body the abundance of vital energy, without which we really had to be very difficult.

Shrimp: the benefits and harms of this product

How to eat shrimp?

Interestingly, despite the popularity of the product described, many still can not imagine how it is.More precisely how to clean.But nothing complicated about it.With these animals just need to remove the shell, turning their paws up and pressed his fingers to the head region.Then come off the tails and the head and then a shell shrinks.

Shrimp: the benefits and harms of this product

Can I eat raw shrimp?

To risk it is possible, but better not.If you still pull on an adventure, it is better to be at the same time close to the toilet.

fact that raw arthropods much easier to poison.Furthermore, no heat treatment are killed microbes and viruses that may be in the meat of these animals.

Shrimp: the benefits and harms of this product

harm shrimp

Like most other products that are used without measure cancers can cause serious harm to a person.Firstly, the body after the supersaturation becomes overloaded.Secondly, as part of the product described is a large amount of cholesterol.

In general, this theme "Shrimp: benefit and harm" could be close, if not one "but": meat of these animals affects another place where they were caught.Every year as part of arthropods are more heavy metals.And if more cancers were collected in disadvantaged regions with high radioactivity, then all of them and should be abandoned.

In this regard, many may wonder: "Shrimp: benefit or harm?".Of course, good.However, before buying it is desirable to check exactly where they were caught.

also shrimp and their use is largely dependent on the packaging of the product.The fact is that it is better to buy these animals in packs, because then you do not buy dead and "accidentally" selected arthropods in the sea.By purchasing the package, fresh shrimp from a good producer, you will provide a useful component of this product, significantly reducing the risk of getting it by eating some harm.

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