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Cabbage: useful properties and harm

Cabbage: useful properties and harm

place of origin of Chinese cabbage is China.At home, this vegetable is cooked with acute sweet sauce because it has a delicate flavor and are well set off other products.In Europe and the CIS, this product is often added to salads, it goes well with carrots, tomatoes, peppers, herbs.Nutritionists say that the Chinese cabbage combined the vitamin and mineral value of lettuce and cabbage.Gourmets also love "nankeen" for its refreshing taste and a delicate crunch.

promote the popularization of this product different diets, which served as the basis for a low-calorie vegetables.Chinese cabbage contains very few calories - only 12 calories in the product and not a carbohydrate.But this is not the only advantage of today's "character."

Cabbage: useful properties and harm

Chinese cabbage: the benefits and harms

Benefits of Chinese cabbage is its unique vitamin and mineral composition.The amount of vitamin C in it is not less than in the form of white, but there are also B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12), and A. Also, the composition compr

ises a rare vitamin PP, the lack of which can lead to malfunction of the nervous system,until the slow reactions of neural connections.This vitamin is an ordinary Russian citizen can "meet" in a radish and rye bread, so "Kitaika" for all will be a useful and inexpensive supplement to the diet, and can even compensate for the lack of RR those for dietary reasons, do not consume baked goods.

Benefits of Chinese cabbage in a high content of carotene and citric acid.The friendly hostess probably noticed that a salad with pekinkoy stays fresh much longer, than, for example, with arugula.This is due to the fact that the cabbage leaves are natural preservatives.It is very convenient to cook dinners with pekinkoy to work - so you can prepare everything the night before, without fear that the dish will be stale until the next day.It adds citric acid cabbage favor, because it allows you to store all vitamins longer.

More Cabbage helpful plenty of fiber, which is necessary for normal functioning of human gastrointestinal tract.Also suitable for the cabbage diet, since it contains a minimum of calories and a maximum of vitamins.It grows well, different resistance to many pests, so the need for handling chemicals virtually none.Vegetables can be called healthy foods.

Cabbage: useful properties and harm

Harm "nankeenĀ»

This vegetable with a number of advantages for some can aggravate chronic diseases.Learn what cabbage harm and benefit, will not hurt people with gastritis, colitis, enterocolitis, gastric acidity.Present in the product citric acid can cause acute phase of the disease.Also, do not eat a vegetable with diarrhea, pekinka able to rid the body of heavy metals, but it is quite vulnerable to pathogenic bacteria.Moreover, irritated mucous membranes can further inflamed.Therefore, to use the product better than healthy people.

It should also be remembered that the vegetable can not be combined with soft cheeses, milk, kefir, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese.In this case, it may be gassing of Chinese cabbage and even frustration.

When a diet is necessary to monitor the amount of oils and sauces in dishes as "Kitaika" has the ability to absorb liquids.In other cases, this vegetable during its moderate consumption will only benefit.

Cabbage: useful properties and harm

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