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Many parents tend to induce obesity in their children

More than fifty percent of parents of children with overweight and obesity, are confident that their children will soon be able to lose weight without having to diet and different methods.Every other parent believes that the problem of childhood obesity is only temporary, believing that the child with age lose weight without dieting and physical training.Nutritionists believe that with this approach the parents will not be able to identify the real problem and, therefore, prevent the further development of obesity in the child.

In the US, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln research was conducted with the participation of about 15 thousand children, whose age ranged from 2-3 to 17-18 years.Observations have shown that many parents mistake fatty deposits for "baby fat."Some believe that their child is absolutely healthy weight.In general, the results of the study it became clear that the parents can not objectively assess the health of their children.

In Russia, childhood obesity is not as rampant as

in the US, but an endocrinologist Yulia Zotov insists that the problem is urgent for the Russians.Nutritionists urge all parents not to keep home food with high content of fat and sugar, and not to deny children food as a punishment and to discourage high-calorie "goodies."

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