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Have the computer, television and the car is harmful for the figure

in the printed edition of the Association of Canadian physicians were yesterday published the results of physicians observations concerning the reasons that lead to obesity and diabetes.Doctors have been involved in a number of countries, and the study was carried out over several years.In total, in the experiment was attended by approximately 155 thousand volunteers.Each participant filled out a questionnaire, questions that relate to food preferences, attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle and sports.Also, it was necessary to specify the time spent at the computer and TV, and the presence or absence of a personal vehicle.The researchers then measured the height and weight of the participant.

results of the experiment helped establish a direct relationship between obesity and possession of a motor vehicle, computers and TV.But the interesting thing is this: the study of Canadian physicians, primarily concerned citizens of a relatively low-income population.In other words, for the residents of Russia

or Argentina, this law is applicable, which is not the citizens of the United States, Germany or France.