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Danish doctors: Diabetes is not only a consequence of obesity

It has long been believed that Type II diabetes can be developed "due to" a progressive increase in obesity, but scientists from Denmark has recently brought the results of his research and, thus, have questioned this theory.Christina Dort Vistisen Vaerh and decided to analyze the data of many civil servants, for whom they observed about 10 years.Researchers are most interested in change in body weight, taking into account some specific factors.

More than 6500 people at the beginning of the observation did not have diabetes.After 5 years, they checked again and found the disease at a tenth of all study participants.Furthermore, all patients with diabetes were divided into three groups: 600 people (out of 645) had no significant changes in weight, 15 people from the second group of 5-year weight increased, and the remaining 26 from the third group were overweight since childhood.

At the end of the study, researchers concluded that diabetes is essentially a genetic disease, caused by several factors,

not only because of the extra kilos.However, as the Danish researchers themselves admit, the results of observations are provocative and may become the subject of much discussion.

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