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US scientists: a cold climate can lead to obesity

experts from the United States established the reason why among the citizens of the UK there is a large number of obese people.Remarkably, Britain ranks first in Europe in terms of obesity.Scientists claim that the whole thing in cold climates, because of which changes the biological environment in the human intestine.First, lower temperatures may occur in humans in digestion failures that have already provoking the risk of increased body weight.

Secondly, in the human intestine contains two types of bacteria that affect weight: Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes.Many people living far away from the equator, have more Firmicutes-bacteria than Bacteroidetes, responsible for processing the fat that leads to the development of obesity.In the American study involved more than 1,000 people from several countries, including the UK.The survey and observation revealed that living farther from the equator, a person is more susceptible to weight gain.Scientists attribute this to the ecological adaptation to cold cl


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