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Pumpkin: the benefits and harms of this plant

Pumpkin: the benefits and harms of this plant

Pumpkin - a real storehouse of vitamins, which for some reason is not very popular in the former Soviet Union.Despite the fact that the price of potatoes and pumpkin about the same, as described in vitamins berry is not an example more are buying for some reason brought from America root.

Interestingly, the history of the pumpkin also begins at the aforementioned continent to the west from the Atlantic Ocean.In Slavic countries, this plant was brought to the sixteenth century, and then began to grow rapidly in almost all the lands.Fortunately, pumpkin (benefits and harms to be considered in this article) climate conditions are not particularly touches, so has taken root in our country.

Pumpkin: benefits and harms

Of course, the most useful in the described plant micronutrients.However, in certain diseases it can bring the body and certain damage.Simply put, the benefits and harms of pumpkins depends on how you're using this product.

Pumpkin: the benefits and harms of this plant

Pulp plant

Pumpkin - a champion of vegetables in their i

ron content.Given that there is still a large amount of carotene, it is one of the best products for preserving youth.After both the iron and the carotene are antioxidants.And they just neutralize free radicals, whose activity is the main cause of aging.So to wrap the pumpkin so often used.

Pumpkin, benefit and harm that is not so compatible that the second can not even mention rich and irreplaceable vitamin C, strengthens the immune system.Furthermore, in its pulp are: copper, magnesium, calcium, protein, zinc, cobalt, pectin, cellulose, vitamins B and E, potassium, and essential vitamins T, accelerating metabolism in the body and has beneficial effects on blood clotting.

Raw pumpkin: the benefits and harms

in raw described plant can be an excellent remedy against constipation and inflammation of the bladder, as well as very helpful for kidney failure.The fact that the described product in 90% is made up with water which also contains potassium.Together, these elements dissolve stones excellent in both of said bodies in this paragraph.

Pumpkin: the benefits and harms of this plant

Juice from pumpkin: useful properties

juice is considered a plant is considered to be a very useful ingredient for small children.Their diet can be administered approximately 6 months because even then the kid learns fructose and vitamins of the fruit.

pumpkin juice are the benefits and the presence of inflammation in the intestines or stomach.In addition, it has a good laxative action of, so is able to provide excellent cleansing of the body.A significant benefit of pumpkin juice and provide "the deposition of salts."

Pumpkin: the benefits and harms of this plant

Properties pumpkin seeds

As you know, the seeds of the plants described are very effective against worms.This is true, especially when combined with honey.

Interestingly, the beneficial properties of pumpkins for kids are already evident when the baby is in the womb.Eaten pumpkin seeds during pregnancy perfectly cope with nausea, as well as to provide women with an abundance of useful for her and the baby substances.Only the abuse of this product is still not worth it.Remember the rule of "golden mean."

Disadvantages pumpkin

offering of the product described the harm is extremely small.The fact that the seeds of this plant are quite high in calories, so to use them in large amounts is not necessary.Furthermore, they can spoil the enamel.

also the pumpkin from your diet should exclude: allergies, children with diathesis, diabetics, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, as well as suffering from gastritis with low acidity.

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