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Obesity is associated with child malnutrition mother

Obesity is associated with child malnutrition mother The extra kilos and metabolic disorders often seen in children whose mothers ate junk fatty foods during pregnancy.Such findings made by German and American experts after conducted appropriate studies.The results of the observations were published in the edition of Cell.

Scientists from the University of Cologne and their western counterparts from the United States (Yale School of Medicine) conducted experiments on rodents.The study found that high-fat food, which used the nursing mother, rodents, violated the offspring neural circuits located in the hypothalamus.In this area, there are processes of the brain that regulate the body's metabolism.

addition, mice has been changed and the insulin signal in the area of ​​the brain.All this has led to obesity and impaired glucose metabolism.Professor Tamas Horvet encourages all pregnant and lactating women eat right, to the unborn child had a predisposition to obesity and other related diseases.

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