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Fat content of food can be determined on the scent

Fatty foods can be determined on the scent American doctors claim that because of some of the properties of the nose have the opportunity to develop a new method to combat overeating.Moreover, this method is also effective as calorie counting or receiving dietary products.Scientists have found that the man laid a special "mechanism" that lets you know the smell of fat and even it (fat) proportions!While "detector" This is perfect.

Researchers believe that a person usually uses this function on an unconscious level, and thus, there is always the opportunity to avoid eating fatty food, controlling your diet.

Scientists explain that it is always before eating food people pay attention primarily on its smell.Also, physicians expressed the need for the introduction of new technologies that allow food manufacturers to make foods containing fat, with more tangible characteristic odor.Perhaps it is because you can reduce the obesity epidemic in the world, according to US experts.