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Kiwi improves mood and helps to lose weight

Kiwi improves mood and helps to lose weight Scientists from New Zealand identified the fruit helps to maintain in good condition the nervous system and figure.Specialists conducted the study, and soon found that it can improve the kiwi vitality person without at the same time contributing to an increase in extra kilos.New Zealand scientists are advised to eat 1-2 kiwi fruit a day, and then a good mood will be provided!Furthermore, kiwi fully replaces the coffee and sweets.

As nutritionists believe, kiwi fruit is one of the healthiest fruits in the world.One fruit contains daily rate of vitamin C, as well as a number of other vitamins and other useful minerals.And since each fruit contains large amounts of fiber and enzymes, then the kiwi - the perfect remedy to lose weight and keep the weight is normal.

However, there are contraindications fruit: do not eat kiwi people with indigestion, ulcer or gastritis.

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