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Doctors have discovered a new way to lose weight quickly

Doctors have discovered a new way to lose weight quickly Researchers from the UK have revealed a very interesting method to help people lose weight in no time.In addition, the new method is good because it will not have to experience negative emotions and feelings of hunger during the application procedure.Doctors in many observations have established a special diet effect that all means should be adopted, anyone who wants to get rid of excess weight.

British experts advise the following: during the diet is necessary to consider not only calories, but also pay special attention to the density and texture of food intake and individual products which are included in the diet.The doctors decided to see how long a person can not be hungry if only eats lean foods.The study found that the food in the diet should not be liquid.

For example, the first to be prepared meals thicker.If the food will have a thick consistency, and have a pronounced taste and smell, the brain will perceive it as more satisfying, despite the fact that the food can be lean.

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