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Obesity - a serious problem in developing countries

Obesity - a serious problem in developing countries Researchers from the UK have found that in countries other than those of developed countries, more people are overweight.Located in the UK Overseas Development Institute closely followed the number of overweight people in the period from 1980 to 2008.As the results of many observations over 30 years with overweight people in developing countries has increased three-fold.

Moreover, the problem of obesity in these countries is particularly acute, as opposed to developed countries.Researchers explain everything so that the citizens of developing countries increasingly prefer meat dishes, which often contain a lot of fat.And that leads to obesity, and subsequently a number of serious diseases.In particular, we are talking about diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.The health care system of developing countries, as a rule, is heavily loaded.British doctors are going to help many countries, scientists will conduct educational activities in a number of states.